High-Speed Turbomachinery

Turbochill Sp. is developing innovative turbomachinery (compressors and turbogenerators) designed for use in air conditioning systems, chillers, heat pumps, waste heat recovery systems (ORC power plants), technical and process gas compression installations, and devices for reducing the pressure of process gases and natural gas.

These devices, unlike the currently most commonly used positive displacement machines, belong to the group of dynamic machines, which has a tangible and positive impact on their operational and economic characteristics. Thanks to the high rotational speeds of the rotors, high power density, and quiet and vibration-free operation are achieved. Moreover, an essential feature of turbomachines is their wide performance range, which results in excellent control properties, leading to great efficiency under partial loads – conditions in which these devices often operate. Additionally, due to the absence of elements that rub against each other (e.g., in a piston compressor) or roll over each other (e.g., in a screw compressor), dynamic machines are significantly more durable and less expensive to maintain.

Fields of application

Turbomachinery built on high-speed technology is used in various technical and industrial sectors – wherever there is a need to increase or reduce the pressure of the flowing medium.



Heat pumps

Air compression

Technical gas compression

Process gas compression

Hydrogen compression

Fuell cells

Industrial blowers

Process gas expansion

Natural gas expansion

ORC turbines


In our offer, you can find oil-free and hermetic compressors as well as small and medium power turbines and turbogenerators.

Compressors and blowers

Compressors and blowers

Our compressors, designed for compressing all types of gases and vapors, perform exceptionally well in various applications within the broadly understood HVAC&R industry.
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We also design and supply turbines and turbogenerators intended, for example, for use in ORC systems or for pressure recovery of flowing gases (e.g., at pressure reducing stations).
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