Compressors and blowers

High-speed centrifugal compressors

Turbochill Sp. is developing a series of innovative turbomachines (compressors and turbogenerators) designed for use in air conditioning systems, chillers, heat pumps, ORC systems, etc.

The first compressor developed by us has a drive power of about 8.5 kW and a nominal rotational speed of 120,000 rpm. The device is powered by a high-speed, synchronous electric motor, which is supplied by a specialized frequency converter using silicon carbide (SiC) transistors.


very high power density, which translates into small compressor dimensions

very high durability of bearings and operating elements which is characteristic for turbomachinery

low operating costs, mainly related to the increased lifespan of the machines

100% oil-free and hermetic design

quiet operation in a chiller or a heat pump

very low vibration levels during operation

excellent control properties translating into high COP in partial loads


The compressors and blowers we design and manufacture can be used in many different industries, such as: