High-speed steam, vapor and gas turbines

Steam turbines, gas turbines, and turbo compressors are increasingly being used where positive displacement (volumetric) machines have traditionally dominated.

Small turbomachinery have several undeniable advantages over their volumetric counterparts. First, it offers significantly higher power density, which results in compact dimensions. Second, high-speed compressors and thermal turbines are characterized by much lower vibration and noise levels, as well as overall better durability and operational culture. Moreover, thanks to modern bearing methods, such as gas or magnetic bearings, they can be designed in oil-free technology, which is invaluable from the perspective of industrial applications.

Using state-of-the-art engineering software, in-house design codes, and optimization algorithms, we design and deliver turbines that are used in waste heat recovery systems and pressure recovery from flowing gases.


Hermetic design

Compacti dimensions

100% oil-free and hermetic design

Bearings lubricated with the working fluid

High power density

High efficiency

Smooth control over a wide range of parameters

very low vibration levels during operation

very long lifespan - low wear of working components


The turbines we design and manufacture can be used in many different industries, for example: