In addition to developing new products in the form of high-speed turbomachinery, we specialize in the analysis, optimization, and testing of machines on both small-scale and industrial levels, as well as for large-scale power applications.

Our engineers have extensive experience in fields such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer, machine dynamics, and material strength. Moreover, as a group that has been part of the scientific community for many years, we have a wide network of contacts in Polish and foreign universities and research institutes. These contacts serve as an additional extension of our competencies.

We are able to develop a compressor or expansion device – a compressor or turbine tailored for individual applications, optimally fitting its operating parameters and performance into a specific technological process. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

Scope of Services

We offer engineering services related to power systems, turbomachinery diagnostics, flow analysis, etc., such as:


We are able to develop a high-speed turbomachine tailored to the user’s needs and imposed parameters (e.g., inlet steam pressure and temperature, outlet pressure, mass flow). We carry out the process of building a new machine comprehensively – from developing the design to manufacturing and conducting tests (unless the Client has different requirements).


When developing a new machine, it is important to accurately understand the client's needs (e.g., whether the machine should be optimized for efficiency, intended for continuous operation, whether remote monitoring is needed, etc.)

Design and Production Process

After determining the Client's exact expectations, we proceed to design the machine, typically starting with the flow path. Subsequently, we analyze the dynamics of the rotating system, prepare the assembly design, and create the manufacturing documentation. The next step is to order the production of parts and assemble the machine.


Even if we manufacture a machine based on existing documentation (e.g., another copy), it is necessary to perform bench tests, which are essentially a component of quality control.

Installation and Startup at the Client's Site or Delivery of the Finished Product

After conducting bench tests, the machine is ready for installation under operational conditions. We carry out this task together with the Client in such a way as to verify the device's performance and not disrupt any ongoing processes.